Yoroi wallet | Cardano Cryptocurrency

Yoroi wallet is a native Cardano wallet. It allows you to send and receive ADA, Cardano's native crypto. Yoroi, the light weight Cardano wallet.

Yoroi, the pioneer light wallet for the Cardano ecosystem, is a self-custodial, open-source wallet that enables users to have complete control over their ADA. Developed by EMURGO Fintech, a branch dedicated to creating financial products within the Cardano Web3 ecosystem, Yoroi Wallet now integrates seamlessly with Banxa’s compliant on ramping infrastructure. This means users can now access fiat on ramping within Yoroi Wallet, leveraging local payment methods in countries served by Banxa, including Australia, Canada, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, the Netherlands, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and 100+ other markets through existing payment channels.

This collaboration prioritizes security, speed, and simplicity for the end user. As the cryptosphere continues to grow, a user-centric approach to onboarding will make a significant difference in attracting and retaining users.

We share the mission to increase equal participation in digital assets, regardless of geographical location. The integration of Banxa’s technology into the Yoroi Wallet will eliminate transaction limitations, as well as the need to leave the application.

Want to learn more about incorporating Banxa’s network of payment options into your own platform or project? Reach out to our Growth team here.

Developed by EMURGO Fintech, a division within EMURGO – a founding entity of Cardano blockchain – Yoroi is an open-source crypto wallet for the Cardano ecosystem.

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